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Adult, Female, Swedish
Adult, Female, Swedish
Adult, Male, Swedish
Adult, Female, Swedish
Adult, Male, Swedish

Swedish voice over. Swedish voice over- an important strategic step

Swedish voice over is not as widespread as English voice over, for example, but it is getting more and more popular over the years. You can use Swedish voice over for a whole range of multimedia products when aiming at Swedish market:

·         Swedish voice over for various presentations, including flash and video presentations

·         Swedish voice over for e-learning modules and tutorials for your Swedish customers and partners

·         Swedish voice over for your multilingual IVR service at your office in Sweden or back at home

Swedish voiceover. 4 steps of quality control for Swedish voiceover recordings

Swedish voiceover of immaculate quality is our golden standard at Inter-voices.com. At every stage of implementation of Swedish voiceover projects the recording goes through all necessary QA procedures. We guarantee:

·         Professional audio quality of your Swedish voiceover recording

·         Immaculate delivery quality of your Swedish voiceover project

·         100% content quality of your Swedish voiceover

·         Style quality assurance of your Swedish voiceover recording

Swedish voice talent. Book the best Swedish voice talent for your project

A Swedish voice talent will help you re-create your message in a clear and attractive way for your Swedish audience. And our company is the best place to book a Swedish voice talent for any voice over recording in Swedish. Whether you need a 1 min IVR or a 10-hour e-learning course we will help you to find the Swedish voice talent who will meet your expectations.

Swedish voice talents. Browse through the Swedish voice talents demos in our voice bank

Swedish voice talents in our voice bank are native professionally trained specialists based in Sweden. We can offer both male and female Swedish voice talents for you to choose from. If you need kid voices, please, write to us directly and we will cast either real kids for your voice over recording or adult Swedish voice talents who can imitate children. Usually these are Swedish voice talents with a theatrical background.