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Adult, Italian, Male
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Adult, Female, Italian
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Adult, Female, Italian

Italian voice over. The secret of high quality Italian voice over

Italian voice over implemented at a high professional level is a very demanded service today. Not every company offering Italian voice over recording services can really deliver a product that meets high industry standard. So, what is the secret of a perfect Italian voice over recording?

·         Italian voice over recording is performed by a native Italian voice talent

·         Italian voice over recording is coordinated by an experienced audio production manager

·         Italian voice over recording is edited by a professional sound engineer

·         Italian voice over recording is delivered in a format that meets all the customer's requirements

Italian voiceover. What recording facilities should be used for a professional Italian voiceover

Italian voiceover performed by a native Italian voice talent is not all you need to get a product of professional quality. There is one more mandatory requirement – Italian voice over should be carried out in a state-of-the-art acoustically prepared studio. Only professional Italian voice talents have access to such facilities. All our Italian voiceover projects are recorded in high-end audio studios. Many Italian voiceover recordings are carried out with the help of our in-house recording facilities. Sometimes our Italian voice talents use our pro partner studios around the world to deliver high quality Italian voiceover.  

Italian voiceover. The secret of a successful Italian voiceover project

Italian voiceover recordings are implemented by our audio studio on a regular basis and we know exactly what it takes to create a top-notch Italian voiceover.

One of the mistakes many vendors make when working on voiceover projects – they do not collect enough information about the future Italian voiceover recording which can lead to misunderstanding with the customer or the Italian voice talents. Let's take an example – the customer needs to use the Italian voiceover recording with the video they have which means that the audio should be recorded to picture otherwise it can be problematic to sync the Italian voiceover with the video. But if the project coordinator does not explain this to the customer beforehand the chances are that the Italian voiceover recording will not meet the customer's requirements. That is why we always make sure that we get all the materials necessary for Italian voiceover project in advance. We study them carefully and ask the customer detailed questions about their expectations and requirements for the project. Here are a few of the things we need to know before launching Italian voiceover project:

·         The desired style and speed of the narration

·         The usage of the Italian voiceover recording

·         The potential audience of the Italian voiceover recording

·         The type of the recording – synched or plain narration

·         The delivery format of the Italian voiceover recording

There are plenty of small details that play a vital role in the success of the project and we make sure that none of them escapes our attention.

Italian voice talent. How to select a perfect Italian voice talent for your multimedia product

Italian voice talent can produce a unique impression on the listener only if the voice matches the recording material perfectly. So how can you select the “right” Italian voice talent for your project?

First of all you need to decide whether you are looking for a male or a female Italian voice talent. After that you can describe to our manager the effect that you need the future Italian voice over recording to produce so that our specialist could shortlist a few suitable Italian voice talents matching your needs. After you listen to the voice demos you can decide which Italian voice talent will be the best match for your recording material.

Italian voice talents. A vast choice of Italian voice talents in our voice bank

Italian voice talents in our voice bank are the best specialists in the professional field. Each of our Italian voice talents was carefully selected and we made sure that all Italian voice talents who are presented on our web site meet most exacting requirements of the industry.