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Adult, Female, Hungarian
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Adult, Hungarian, Male
Adult, Hungarian, Male

Hungarian voice over. Hungarian voice over in a wide range of spheres

Hungarian voice over is a service of great importance for any company that deals with partners or customers from Hungary. Here are just a few applications of Hungarian voice over:

·         Hungarian voice over for the sphere of tourism

·         Hungarian voice over for the business sphere

·         Hungarian voice over for the cultural sphere

·         Hungarian voice over for the social sphere

Hungarian voiceover. How can you help us help you to get perfect Hungarian voiceover for your project

Hungarian voiceover is a service we provide at a high professional level. In order to ensure 100% customer satisfaction we need to get a certain amount of information about the future Hungarian voiceover recording and it is only the customer who can provide this information:

·         Full and final script for Hungarian voiceover

·         Pronunciation reference for proper names in Hungarian voiceover

·         Intonation requirements for Hungarian voiceover

·         Reference video for Hungarian voiceover

Also if you can provide the original video in another language which our Hungarian voice talent can use as a reference for intonation, reading manner and pronunciation it will help us to deliver the Hungarian voiceover that meets your expectations.

Hungarian voice talent. Hungarian voice talent – a native speaker and a professional

Hungarian voice talent is not a wide-spread profession. If you need a well qualified Hungarian voice talent with experience in the sphere of voice over and access to modern recording facilities you need to turn to specialized multilingual voice over agency like We work with  highly professional Hungarian voice talents directly. Each Hungarian voice talent we use for our projects is a 100% native speaker of the language and his/her Hungarian voice over recording will be well perceived by Hungarian audience.

Hungarian voice talents. Hungarian voice talents at the best prices on the market

Hungarian voice talents are an important part of our international voice bank. We can offer to our customers a wide choice of hand-picked Hungarian voice talents. We work with all our Hungarian voice talents directly on a regular basis without intermediates which enables us to keep our prices at a very competitive level. Send us a quote request for the Hungarian voice talent you prefer and you will be pleasantly surprised at our prices!