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Adult, Female, Portuguese, Portuguese-European
Adult, Female, Portuguese, Portuguese-Brazilian
Adult, Male, Portuguese, Portuguese-Brazilian
Adult, Male, Portuguese, Portuguese-European
Adult, Female, Portuguese, Portuguese-European
Adult, Female, Portuguese, Portuguese-European
Adult, Female, Portuguese, Portuguese-European
Adult, Male, Portuguese, Portuguese-European
Adult, Male, Portuguese, Portuguese-Brazilian
Adult, Male, Portuguese, Portuguese-Brazilian
Adult, Female, Portuguese, Portuguese-European

Portuguese voice over. Portuguese voice over for any multimedia projects

Portuguese voice over is one of many localisation services provided by Inter-voices.com. There are distinguished several types of Portuguese voice over and our project managers will help you decide what kind of Portuguese voice over is required for your project.

·         “Wild” Portuguese voice over. This is voice over type when the voice talent does not have to observe any time frame and records at a natural reading speed

·         Portuguese voice over with time synchronization (or time-sync). Here the Portuguese voice talent needs to record to picture or follow the time code provided by the customer

·         Portuguese voice over with lip-sync presupposes matching lip movements of the actor on the screen with the translated voice over. Portuguese voice over with lip-sync involves extremely thorough teamwork of the translator, the Portuguese voice talent and a sound engineer

Portuguese voiceover. Variations of Portuguese voiceover

           Portuguese voiceover is always performed by native Portuguese voice talents. It is important to remember that there are distinguished two regional variations of Portuguese voiceover – European Portuguese voiceover and Brazilian Portuguese voiceover. You should decide what variation you need depending on the target audience of your Portuguese voiceover recording.


Portuguese voice talents. The number of  Portuguese voice talents required for a voiceover project

Portuguese voiceover can be performed by one or several  Portuguese voice talents depending on the project type.

·         Professional film dubbing is usually performed by a group of Portuguese voice talents

·         Portuguese voiceover for corporate videos is normally recorded by one Portuguese voice talent

·         TV commercials and radio spots can be recorded by one or several Portuguese voice talents depending on the content

·         Audio books can be performed by one or several Portuguese voice talents depending on the style and topic of the book

Portuguese voice talent. A native Portuguese voice talent is the best choice

A Portuguese voice talent can help you convey the right message to the audience. It is important to choose only a 100% native Portuguese voice talent with appropriate professional background. Only a Portuguese voice talent who speaks Portuguese as a native speaker  сan express the slightest tinges of the meaning correctly for the audience to perceive the multimedia product well. Trust us your Portuguese voice over project and we will help you find the best Portuguese voice talent for your product.