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Japanese voice over. All types of Japanese voice over

Japanese voice over is a service that we are proud of at inter-voices.com. Working with Japanese voice over projects is quite challenging for non-native speakers of the language which did not stop our company from delivering hundreds of successful Japanese voice over recordings to the happy customers. We can produce a diverse array of Japanese voice over projects:

·         Japanese voice over for training videos

·         Japanese voice over for Audio books

·         Japanese voice over for commercials

·         Japanese voice over for flash presentations etc.

Japanese voiceover. The challenges of Japanese voiceover

Japanese voiceover always involves clear communication between the customer, project coordinator and the Japanese voice talent due to the linguistic and cultural differences between Japanese and European languages. To name just a few challenges to be aware of while working on Japanese voiceover recording:

·         One can not judge about the length of the future Japanese voiceover recording by the number of Japanese words in the script

·         Intonations in Japanese voiceover are very different from European manner which makes it hard for the customer to estimate the final result

·         Due to the differences in articulation Japanese voice talents often find it difficult to pronounce foreign words in Japanese voiceover scripts, such as Western company names and proper names

Japanese voiceover. Frequently asked questions about Japanese voiceover

Japanese voiceover projects often arise a number of questions from the customers. Here are just a few examples:

·         How can I estimate the length of the final Japanese voiceover recording?

When we get a script for a Japanese voiceover project we can always calculate the length of the future recording judging by the number of Japanese words in the text. Roughly there are about 14000 Japanese words in 1 hour of edited and cleaned Japanese voiceover recording. If you compare it with English there are about 50% more Japanese words in 1 hour recording than English words in the same volume.

·         How can I sync a Japanese voiceover recording with an English video I have?

It can be quite problematic to edit a Japanese voiceover recording for someone who does not speak the language. That is why we always recommend the customers to order a synchronized Japanese voiceover recording from us so that the Japanese voiceover talent times the recording to the video him/herself to make sure that the  recording sounds perfectly with the video file.

·         How can I make sure that the my script for Japanese voiceover project is translated correctly?

This is a very frequently asked question as very often customers who order Japanese voiceover do not speak the language themselves. If you are not sure about the quality of the translation of your script you can easily order proofreading service by native speakers at our company. Certified specialists will go through your script for a Japanese voiceover recording and make sure that the message of the original text is conveyed properly and that the text is grammatically and stylistically correct. 

Japanese voice talent. Industry requirements for a Japanese voice talent

Japanese voice talent can join our database only after our sound engineer confirms that his/her voice demos meet high industry standard. Japanese voice talent should have a number of indispensable professional qualities apart from being a native speaker of the language:

·         Japanese voice talent should have good communication skills

·         Japanese voice talent should pay special attention to details

·         Japanese voice talent should be reliable and meet project delivery deadlines

To ensure that our Japanese voice talents have these qualities we hold a short interview with every voice artiest before adding him/her to our voice bank.

Japanese voice talents. A permanently growing database of Japanese voice talents

Japanese voice talents in our database will never disappoint you. As Japanese voice over production is getting more and more popular every year we are constantly adding new Japanese voice talents to our voice bank. Our aim is to offer the largest collection of Japanese voice talents on the market to our customers.