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Adult, Female, Finnish

Finnish voice over. Finnish voice over — endless opportunities

Finnish voice over is a new way of promotion for your goods and services if your company is targeting Finnish market. Finnish voice over is also an effective way to exchange information with Finnish partners. You can use Finnish voice over for a wide range of purposes, such as:

·        Finnish voice over for TV commercials

·        Finnish voice over for radio spots

·        Finnish voice over for corporate presentations etc.

Finnish voiceover. Customer's requirements for Finnish voiceover

Finnish voiceover is not just simple reading of the text, there is much more work involved to make  sure that Finnish voiceover is carried out at a high professional level with immaculate quality.

When a customer turns to us for Finnish voiceover the first step for our manager is to find out all the details of the project and make a full list of customer's requirements. In order to make sure that the final Finnish voiceover we produce leaves the customer fully satisfied we need to know such information as:

·        The preferred style of narration for Finnish voiceover

·        The maximum length of Finnish voiceover

·        The required format of Finnish voiceover recording

·        The deadline for Finnish voiceover delivery

Finnish voice talent. How do we help the customer to choose the “right” Finnish voice talent

Finnish voice talent is the key to successful implementation of Finnish voice over projects. Sometimes our new customers do not know how to choose the “right” Finnish voice talent for their media product. Our managers study the project requirements thoroughly before shortlisting several Finnish voice talents for the future recording. After that the customer can listen to the demos and choose the best Finnish voice talent for their product. We are always happy to share all the necessary information about the selected Finnish voice talent with the customer, such as their experience, the strong sides of the voice, usual turnaround time.

Finnish voice talents. Accents and dialects of Finnish voice talents

Finnish voice talents who work in our company all were born and raised in Finland. It is necessary to remember that there are distinguished two major variations of Finnish - standard language called yleiskieli and spoken language -puhekieli. Our Finnish voice talents can speak both varieties and the customer's choice should be based on the purpose and social environment where the Finnish voice over recording will be used.