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Adult, Danish, Male
Adult, Danish, Male
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Danish voice over. Companies providing the service

Danish voice over is one of the extremely popular services offered by our studio. We are ready to provide Danish voice over by highly professional experienced Danish voice talents. You can choose a suitable Danish voice talent from our large voice bank. You can also learn more details about the Danish voice talents, like their CVs, photos, past experience including the list of the previously recorded successful projects.

Danish voice over. The main directions and aspects

We would like to offer you Danish voiceover for texts dedicated to any topics, for any sphere and of any level of complexity. For example:

1.      Danish voice over of all kinds of presentations(business, flash, multimedia), commercials, documentaries and fiction movies.

2.      Danish voice over for all types of web-applications, audio books, computer games.

3.      Danish voice over for IVRs and telephone messages.

Danish voiceover is an indispensable service for any modern call center, business center, audio guide or  IVR system. Thanks to professional Danish voiceover customers all around the globe will learn about the advantages of your company. 

For your Danish voiceover to meet all the requirements of today's business we advise you to choose the most appropriate type of Danish voiceover:

·         Time synchronization of the translated text with the original video. This type of Danish voiceover can be carried out by one or several Danish voice talents.

·         Lip synchronization of the localised version of the material with the original. Usually each voice in the original video requires individual Danish voice talent.

Danish voice over. The basic requirements for the recording studio

A Danish voice talent records their voice in an acoustically prepared studio with state-of-the art equipment and sound isolation. These conditions allow the Danish voice talent to create a high resolution recording without any sound distortion. Voice over work does not take too much time thanks to the experience of both the voice talent and the studio staff and availability of all the professional equipment.